“I worked with Warren to prepare my TEDx talk in Liverpool.  This was a talk on stage for an audience of 750 people. I knew I needed someone to help me with my pronunciation, clarity, use of voice and vocal energy, as my talk was the telling of a personal journey. Warren's coaching is nothing short of professional, from booking sessions to delivering the sessions. His clear communication and coaching style helped me to make the most of each session.  Although I already had the story carved out, he was still able to jump in to point out where we could make the telling of the story more impactful. There’s never a dull moment in the sessions, it was fun with many great techniques,  I was always eager to learn more. Also, one of the best aspects was, I had someone to hold me accountable for practice”

Chau Kei  - Yoga teacher and performer for TV and sponsored events. YogaUp

“Warren is a passionate vocal instructor who goes the extra mile to create bespoke, interactive lessons for his students. 

Having no prior singing experience, he has been very thorough in ensuring I build a solid vocal foundation. Ranging from muscle stretching, tongue twisters, body posture to singing techniques, each class has been meticulously developed to address my specific learning needs - Within a few classes I've already noticed an ability to hold notes longer and sing with improved diction.

Warren also puts great effort into making his lessons engaging, helping more reserved individuals like me to gain confidence through his encouraging teaching style. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking vocal lessons”

Jeffrey Tam Banker for Morgan Stanley

“My twins have enjoyed working with Warren and we have seen a marked improvement in thier stage presence, pacing, voice projection and overall confidence. The sort of confidence, we think it would be difficult to gain without doing something in public like drama. We are happy to recommend Warren to other parents and children“

Faith - parent