Adults presentation skills classes

This course has a strong focus on voice development, the ability to deliver pitches and presentations, and how to to engage with an audience, work place or classroom.

Class sizes are kept small to create a comfortable environment where students can express themselves and are given coaching and feedback throughout the session or sessions, in order to enhance their learning and become more confident when speaking in front of a group. 

We also offer tailor made one to one classes to suit your specific need. A brief call or whats app consultation will take place to find out exactly what you hope to achieve followed by the first class and beyond.

  Voice and English speech training

   Vocal Preparation is key to building vocal stamina. We will teach you how to warm up your instrument, support your voice and enhance your vocal range.

When talking for long periods of time, whether on stage or in front of classmates, colleagues or casting directors, a strong durable voice is imperative.

The techniques that we will teach you focus on intonation, enunciation and vocal clarity. To be understood, no matter the language or the situation is vitally important. We can ensure that you speak with confidence and clarity. Building stronger relationships with casting directors, Colleges, Universities or clients in the workplace and making firmer impressions.

These techniques can also be used to develop your singing voice. Whether it’s in the shower, stage or studio we can help.