Warren Adams

Artistic Director and Founder

Warren was born in the UK and graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Honours degree in Drama and Performing Arts. He had a successful career working as a stage and TV actor and a role-player in the UK and Germany before moving to Hong Kong.

Warren continues to work as an actor and role-player here in HK. He recently played Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for AFTEC (Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection) at the Sai Wan Ho Theatre and Dr Watson in Ken Ludwigs Baskerville, an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes at The HK Fringe Club. He has starred in a new film shot in HK, for Chinese and Malaysian Cinema. He also stars in a series of ongoing educational TV shows for RTHK (Radio Television HK) and his voice can be heard on local radio, Tv, and online. He is soon to appear in a Chinese movie as a US Soldier due to shoot in UK and Shanghai China. Warren uses performance skills developed over numerous years to aid all his workshops.

Warren has vast experience working with children of all ages and is currently starting up public speaking and acting programmes for children,young adults and adults of Discovery Bay and Central. Additionally he has taught for large drama companies such as Faust and AFTEC and developed the passion for speech and performance coaching. He has directed a variety of theatre productions for local schools and worked extensively on the Faust Festival over the last two years on productions such as Pride and Prejudice, Robin Hood, devised pieces and a has always stressed the importance of clear and engaging speech, through energy and vocal training, believing it ensures a memorable performance.

Warren has extensive experience in front of the camera, having performed in corporate videos for Nokia, Comic Relief and a range of in-house training videos. He has led speech-training sessions for adults in the UK to help clients boost their confidence and self-esteem alongside their ability to deliver workplace and client presentations. Voiceover work clients range from the BBC and Sky Living to various educational and in-house company projects.

As a role-player, Warren has worked for the Metropolitan police, leading hospitals and mental health institutions, and clinical examination boards, as well as local government and a wide range of corporate and professional clients.

Warren delivers presentation workshops for Banks including Credit Agrecole, Morgan Stanley and Thomas Reuters to name but a few. The workshops are designed to promote healthy interaction within the workplace, aiding their ability to make small talk, close conversations and setup second meetings. Warren has worked in collaboration with Dramatic Difference aiding the completion of a program for CVC Capital Partners, the workshop focused on Leadership Impact through the Neuroscience of Dialogue Confrontation, Inspiration & Influence.

Warren prides himself on delivering helpful feedback to participants in his sessions, discussing use of language, empathy, healthy relationship behaviours, and professional conduct. He is able to reflect, evaluate and adapt to different environments and client groups.

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